Our Story

It’s not just about the coffee

The Social Blend is inspired by the way we lived our lives when we were in school, living in a city away from home. We were friends who found joy in simply hanging out at coffee shops. To study, catch up on stories, and make new friends.

Little did we know that this seemingly mundane activity would end up becoming one of the most impactful experiences of our lives. Our daily coffee runs and bonding over good food contributed to fostering new stories, decisions and memories, which creates the experience we have today at The Social Blend.

As coffee enthusiasts, we wanted to bring the significance of preserving connection and bonding strangers back to our local space. Also, we wanted a place where people can enjoy creative desserts to complete a full version of modern luxury, one that spins classic flavours that resonated with us growing up away from home. We hope to carry on an experience that ignites people to feel genuinely towards each other. Therefore, in 2019, we established The Social Blend, a name that symbolizes the value of cherishing interactions between people, places and things.

It’s more than just a cup of coffee

While we are committed to crafting every cup of specialty-grade coffee with passion and every latte with purpose, what brings us in every day is knowing that we are serving in the creation of something beautiful and unequivocally priceless: a shared moment.

As we personally trace our ethical supply chain around the world—from the farms to the roasters, to the cafe countertops—every cup will arrive in your hands with a story. Furthermore, the journey of each cup continues to move forward with no standard destination. A cup of coffee became a catalyst that fulfilled many of our life experiences; a first date, a successful business meeting, or a symbolic “a la recherche du temps perdu” that gifts you with recollections of the good old days with long-time friends. As you hold our cup, perhaps you’ll be sharing stories of your own.

Our Promise

Located in the heart of Yonge and Eglinton, we are a team filled with passion and knowledge about coffee and Korean-inspired desserts. We value quality, consistency, connection, and growth. For us, your preferences matter. We choose the highest quality ingredients for our products and strive to continually excel in our capabilities to deliver a joyous experience to make your day. Perhaps even make life just a little bit sweeter. Continue to share your story as we listen.

We want to create the space for that.

Welcome to The Social Blend