June flavours
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Banana Chocolate

Banana milk infused buttercream with a chocolate filling. Banana shaped macaron shell dipped in dark chocolate.


Melona milk anglaise buttercream with a tasty melona filling. Covered in white chocolate drizzle to shape it just like a Honeydew Melon. Taste just like the Korean Melona bar.


Buttercream infused with Real Kiwi bits and filled with a house made kiwi filling.


Watermelon infused buttercream with cacao nibs filling. Is it a macaron or is it a slice of watermelon?

Korean Pear

Buttercream infused with real Korean pear with a house special Korean pear jam. Topped with a pumpkin and a small bread stick to bring out the visual of a Korean pear.

Kyoho Grape

Buttercream infused with Kyoho grape syrup with a house special grape jam.


Real pineapple puree infused buttercream with a housemade pineapple jam filling.

Mango Raspberry

Delight in the perfect balance of flavors with a raspberry buttercream and a tangy mango jam filling, creating a refreshing and fruity experience.


Savor the zesty and bright taste of mandarin buttercream made with a creamy mandarin curd and a filling of sweetened mandarin jelly.