April flavors
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Red Velvet

Our most popular flavor, now as a Dacquoise. Cream cheese buttercream with a fluffy red velvet cake sandwiched in the middle.

Black Forest

Chocolate buttercream with Amarena black cherry jam filling.

Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Curd buttercream with a creamy light cream cheese filling

Chocolate Stollen

Milk chocolate buttercream blended with marinated dried fruits filled with an almond marzipan filling covered with icing sugar. (Contains alcohol) (Gluten Free)

Egg Tart

Vanilla cinnamon custard buttercream with a custard filling topped with a creme brulee torched shell.

Blueberry Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt buttercream with a blueberry jam filling covered with fruity cereal. Almost a healthy snack.

Lotus Misu

Lotus Biscoff buttercream with a coffee jam topped with a housemade lady finger

Matcha Misu

Ceremonial grade Organic Kato Matcha infused with our buttercream and filled with a light mascarpone filling topped with more Matcha powder to give that extra Matcha taste.

Earl Grey Misu

Earl grey and Mascarpone infused buttercream with a house blend coffee jam covered with white chocolate drizzle