Macaron Flavours

Toronto’s best sweet but not-too-sweet Korean-style macarons.

Select from 15 flavours: our classic Signature 9, and six rotating monthly flavours!

Our take on the classic French dessert stuffed with luscious buttercream in a variety of flavours. These delicate treats are made in-house using premium ingredients from our trusted partners to ensure you taste only the most refined flavours. Select from nine classics and six rotating monthly macarons.

Every month, we create four new flavours and bring back two past favourites based on our customer suggestions.

Check out our 15 macarons below!

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Blueberry Cheesecake Macaron

Blueberry Cheesecake

An open faced Macaron made with our Blueberry Cream Cheese Buttercream on one side, Lotus Biscoff Buttercream on the other, with our delicious house-made Cheesecake in the center with a fresh Blueberry.

Earl Grey Macaron

Earl Grey

Buttercream infused with Vanilla extract and Cream of Earl Grey black tea from Genuine Tea in the center sandwiched around a housemade Earl Grey white chocolate feuilletine cracker.

Strawberry Crunch Macaron

Strawberry Crunch

Strawberry Buttercream made with reduced Fresh Strawberry Puree with a housemade Strawberry Jam in the center, rolled in freeze-dried strawberry for extra texture.

Oreo Macaron


Cookies and Cream Buttercream balanced with a chocolate cookie crumble around the outside. Topped with a mini Oreo biscuit.

Matcha Kitkat Macaron

Matcha Kitkat

Highlighting the Kato Matcha from Uji, Kyoto infused for our Green Tea buttercream enveloped around a mini Matcha Kitkat for a balance of textures.

Milk Chocolate Macaron

Milk Chocolate

Rich milk chocolate buttercream around a luscious housemade Valrhona dark chocolate truffle.


Buttercream made with Korean roasted soybean powder, with Korean-style Injeolmi rice cake and ganache in the middle covered in an Injeolmi crumble.


A house blend coffee buttercream with a chocolate ganache filling delicately dusted with a cocoa powder with a housemade lady finger biscuit on top.

Double Raspberry

Raspberry buttercream filled with a raspberry puree reduction in the center, topped with a white chocolate drizzle and chocolate pearls. (Gluten Free if pearls are removed)

Banana Chocolate

Banana milk infused buttercream with a chocolate filling. Banana shaped macaron shell dipped in dark chocolate.


Melona milk anglaise buttercream with a tasty melona filling. Covered in white chocolate drizzle to shape it just like a Honeydew Melon. Taste just like the Korean Melona bar.


Buttercream infused with Real Kiwi bits and filled with a house made kiwi filling.


Watermelon infused buttercream with cacao nibs filling. Is it a macaron or is it a slice of watermelon?

Korean Pear

Buttercream infused with real Korean pear with a house special Korean pear jam. Topped with a pumpkin and a small bread stick to bring out the visual of a Korean pear.

Kyoho Grape

Buttercream infused with Kyoho grape syrup with a house special grape jam.