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Mocha dacquoise


The combination of luscious coffee buttercream and sumptuous coffee ganache brings together a perfect balance of sweetness and coffee bitterness.

London Fog Dacquoise

London Fog

This dacquoise features a velvety Earl Grey pastry cream, with an elegant decoration - a drizzle of milk tea ganache, further enhancing the subtle tea flavour.

Strawberry Crunch Dacquoise

Strawberry Crunch

A generous filling of smooth strawberry buttercream and a house-blended strawberry jam, infusing every bite with the sweet and tangy taste of fresh strawberries.

Chocolate Oreo

A Cookies and Cream Buttercream with a fudge like Milk Chocolate ganache, a plus size twist on our Signature 9 Oreo macaron.


Created from a growing Korean milk trend,

Lavender Earl Grey

Our most popular macaron flavor now in a dacquoise. Enjoy the exquisite combination of dacquoise with lavender anglaise buttercream and Earl Grey pastry cream, delivering a delightful balance of floral and tea flavors in every bite.


Real pineapple puree infused buttercream with a housemade pineapple jam filling.

Mango Raspberry

Delight in the perfect balance of flavors with a raspberry buttercream and a tangy mango jam filling, creating a refreshing and fruity experience.


Savor the zesty and bright taste of mandarin buttercream made with a creamy mandarin curd and a filling of sweetened mandarin jelly.